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LUXE Rome 6th Edition

LUXE Rome 6th Edition

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She's got more secrets than the Pope, and a much better wardrobe, but Roma wasn't built in one day, and you'll need more than a couple to peel back all those gorgeous layers. Step right up, we've picked out all the things we totally love and know you will too. So, all you have to do now is hop into your Alfa, Romeo...

Rome's accommodation can be scandalously expensive for what you get but fret not, we've rounded up a cracking list from luxury private apartments to tiny B&B boutiques. Want to eat the best pizza and amatriciana? Well, natch! Along with our city contributors and resident editor we've selected the finest Italian cooking from mom n' pop kitchens to Michelin-starred salons. We've got personal shopping gurus and the city's top academics and scholars as your very own private guides. Want after hours visits and viewings to the city's famed museums and churches? No problemo. We'll lead you to find mint vintage fashion, retro design and antiques and Rome's wonderful bespoke artisans for hats, clothes, marble, decor & leather, all made to order. Bellissimo!

LUXE Rome. La dolce vita.

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