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LUXE Miami 4th Edition

LUXE Miami 4th Edition

$11.99 USD

Think it's all teeny-weenies and chaps with baps? It's easy to get a one-sided view of the city where body hair is a mortal sin and coke doesn't come in a can. But while Miami is undeniably the gateway to Latin America and doorbitch to hedonism, there's plenty more under that big blue sky than first meets the eye. So. Tanned? Check. Waxed? Check. Jet set, go!

Miami puts a smile on the dial of even the sternest party poopers with its stunning landmark hotels and boutique charmpads. Throw in a cute mix of star chefs and off-the-beaten-path tasty local haunts, and all you'll have to do is decide if you want to party under the stars, or with them. When the sunset cocktails, rooftop poolside lounges and prime people-watching palls, it's time for vintage furniture and trend-hot fashion, the city's hottest international art and d̩ecor, and of course, block after block of art deco eye candy fortunately there's not a calorie in it. Enjoy!

LUXE. Puts the arty in party.

Cant wait ..buy the app


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